Random data generator
Generate random dummy data for test purposes.

Table or element name
Output type Separator at line-end
Nr of output records
Amount of rows/elements to generate fixed amount fixed data rows replace columns
Replace columns, existing data only
Data definition
Type or paste datadefinition.
Fixed data rows
Use data input for fixed rows.
Word lists
Use words lists to generate random data.

How to use
Create data definition, select an Output type, number of records and press Generate data button.
Fixed amount will generate a random dataset with the indicated number of rows.
Fixed data rows generates a dataset where the columns in Fixed data rows are input.
Replace columns takes an existing dataset and only replaces certain columns with random data. Paste dataset in green textarea, select according separated Output type and defined the columns to be randomised in Data definition. The column names must match the names in column header in the existing data.
Check the checkbox "Replace columns, existing data only" to only replace non-empty values in the existing dataset with random data, empty values stay empty.

Each datadefinition line should be separated by space or tabcharacter, example: FIELDNAME DATATYPE MASK
Use brackets for fieldnames with spaces, for example [Patient Id]. Allowed datatypes are: INT, VARCHAR, NUMERIC, DATETIME, DATE, TIME, GUID
For VARCHAR, NUMERIC, DATETIME, DATE, TIME give size or format in parentheses, for example VARCHAR(10) or DATETIME(mm/dd/yyyy hh:nn:ss).
Last parameter per line is range or mask. Use "min::max" for range, "code1,code2,code3" for random codes, listname for random phrases from the Word list.
Varchar without mask or codelist will default to random snippets from the "lorem ipsum" text.

Use character mask to generate random zipcodes, phonenumbers, passwords etc. For example 999-999-9999 or ABABAB99 or #FFFFFF etc.
A: random vowel
B: random consonant
9: random digit
F: random hexdigit
S: random symbol
X: random letter
Y: random letter or digit
Z: random letter or digit or symbol
Lowercase a,b,1,x,y,z is same as above, except only "password safe" characters, so no l, 1, O, 0, S, 5 etc.

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